About us

About Us

As the French dog lovers that we are, we couldn’t help but feel that every single dog in the world should experience this Bonne et Filou barkgeoisie.

 By your side no matter what, happy when you’re home, loving when you’re sad… seriously, no one loves you more than your four-legged friend; probably not even your mother.

So we ask, why not celebrate them? 

 Allez! Give your dog the ultimate royal treat-ment with Bonne et Filou – trust moi, they’ll lick your face for it.


Some of the best royals in history have had a soft spot for a loyal canine, none more so than famed French King Louis XIV. Indeed, his favorite pups, Bonne and Filou, were living the good life. Louis XIV made sure Versailles was more than just dog-friendly; it was dog heaven.

Bonne hunted by day and Filou lounged until night; they slept in satin sheets and strutted down the Hall of Mirrors in diamond collars, and most extravagant of all – they had their own personal chef.

The royal life chose them and they weren’t going to bark about it.

Nico, Linzi and Filou


Team The family behind the new petocracy, with their very own Filou pack leader. – In New York, falling in love can feel like a fairytale. Especially when the person you’re falling for is French.  This is the story of Nico, Linzi and a dog named Filou.  Nico is a true Parisian. Although he lives in New York now, he was born and raised in Paris. Linzi, originally from Pennsylvania, moved to the Big Apple for her career.  Neither of them was looking for love or a dog for that matter.  Until one night, Nico spotted Linzi across the room. And in a New York minute, their romance began.  Macarons have played an important part in their relationship since the beginning. 

On their first date, Nico excused himself, snuck out of the restaurant to surprise Linzi with a box of macarons, to bring her a little piece of home. When he came back, he snuck the small box into Linzi’s bag and constantly surprised her with her favorite French dessert whenever he got the chance.  French macarons quickly became their new tradition.  His sweet gestures helped win Linzi over and soon after, they fell in love.  The love for two eventually turned into a love for three. They adopted their first puppy together, a beautiful Cavapoo, a mix between a Cavalier King Charles and Poodle.  They named her Filou after King Louis XIV’s poodle which means “trickster” in French because of her playful and sneaky personality.  One of Filou’s favorite pastimes was to try and sneak her way into the box of fresh macarons Nico and Linzi always keep at home, but she would always get caught.  Linzi would use her empty macaron boxes to put dog-friendly treats inside for Filou, but it just wasn’t the same. 

She fell in love with her French boyfriend along with his French culture and always wanted to give Filou beautiful macarons as a treat to spoil her dog, not brown dog bones.  But she knew that sugary treats wouldn’t be good for Filou, so Nico started to make Filou her own macarons himself. The idea for Bonne et Filou was born.  After months of making dog-friendly macarons fit for royalty, Filou and all other pampered pooches can eat dog-friendly macarons, just like French royalty.  Nico and Linzi tied the knot in 2019 in a famous wine Chateau in France.  They are living happily ever after in New York City with Filou eating macarons together.